Heath was born in August, 1989, in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and still lives in that area today. Heath was blessed to have been raised in a christian home and saved at the age of seven, at his home church. At the age of eleven, God began to deal with his heart about preaching. However, the teen years came and the things of God no longer held priority in his life. It wasn’t until the age of seventeen, that God brought him to a place of repentance and surrender. About a year later, he announced his call to preach. After receiving his Associates Degree online from Anderson Theological Seminary, he attended Victory Baptist College in South Carolina for his Bachelor’s Degree.

After working for other preachers, preaching in various meetings, as well as a warehouse job, God began burdening his heart for evangelism in the Fall of 2013. While serving in full time evangelism, God brought a godly lady into his life in the summer of 2014, who just a year later would become his wife. His wife, Shayne, travels with him and shares his heart for the Lord, churches, young people, preachers, and their families. In August of 2017 the Lord blessed us with Emarie Claire, a beautiful baby girl. It is their joy to travel across America telling people about Jesus Christ who can save, restore, heal, and give purpose to every heart and life.