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A Hour of Darkness

Just this past week we have watched the East Coast experience weather like never before. The week was started off with a 5.7 earthquake and ended the same week with a category 3 hurricane. This hurricane by the latest estimates has killed at least 21, left over 6.5 million without power, shutdown New York, and done at 6 […]

“A Penalty for Wrong Praise”

Daniel 4 Have you ever worked so hard to complete a task only to have someone else claim they did the job? What a spirit of anger that arises as you feel cheated from the praise that was rightly due. In this chapter, we find a man of great power and blessings do the very […]

Favored to Experience the Fire

Daniel 3 In this week’s glance in Daniel we find three young men who take an amazing stance for the Lord. All of Babylon is commanded to worship an image when the music plays, yet three decide to refuse in order to honor God Almighty. I often wonder how easy it would have been to bow to […]

Heritage Tour

We are taking a break from our Daniel series this week for a look at our heritage. This past week our team was up north doing a survey trip for the tour this summer and I felt the Lord direct me to share this experience with you. We are very privileged to live in a country that […]

“Being Prepared for Battle”

Daniel 2 Last week we looked at a young man with a purposeful heart to stay dedicated to the Lord. Allow me for just a moment to look at why this was important and paid off in the life of Daniel. We find here the king dreamed a dream, which he could not remember nor […]

“A Purpose Driven Heart”

Daniel 1: 8- “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.” What is the significance of a young man taking a stand against meat? […]

Seeking the Savior

Song of Solomon 3:1-4 Here we find a woman who desires to see her soon to be husband. The Bible tells us in verse 1 that she sought him yet found him not. Verses 2-3 tell us other places she looked yet found him not. It was somewhere in the quiet shadows where she found […]

Forgiveness With A Price

Scripture: Psalms 51 Here in this passage we find the cry from David for forgiveness from his sin. Wow, to think a king, a man of power, and most of all a man after God’s own heart dealt with the same issue with sin as us. David decided to tarry behind when he was supposed to be […]

“A Servant’s Heart”

Power, wealth,  jobs, children, and ministries are just a few of the thousands of dreams each one of us possess. We are driven by our dreams and press trying to obtain our goals. No doubt dreams are a great tool in making us better people. God even wants to work big dreams into our thoughts […]